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Car Cleaning Gold Coast

Pulse Car Cleaning & Detailing will come to you from as low as $39.95! For a prompt, professional service guaranteed call us or use our online enquiry form today. Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

car cleaning gold coast

Protect Your Investment & get great value with our waterless car wash. Car Cleaning Gold Coast are the newest mobile car franchise network! We are keen to provide you with simply the very best car wash your vehicle has ever had and without adding to your water bill.

Pulse Mobile Car Cleaning Gold Coast comes to your door, at a time and location that suits you. Call Pulse Car Cleaning Gold Coast for a prompt, professional & friendly service guaranteed. From an Pulse Wash to a Grand Pulse Detail, all of our operators are fully trained independent Franchise Owners and fully insured!

Our Mobile car cleaning services operate 7 days a week, and we fit in with your needs in relation to time and location. Our waterless car wash has to be seen to be believed. No matter how dirty your vehicle, our “No Scratch Formula” Mobile Car Cleaning Gold Coast will amaze you. There are many mobile car cleaning Gold Coast providers, but only one that uses our amazing formula! That’s the Pulse Car Cleaning & Detailing difference.

We service all areas throughout Queensland and the whole of Australia!

Our Services

Exterior Wash

The Pulse Exterior Wash is a popular choice for regular upkeep of the exterior of your vehicle, for residents of the Gold Coast and nearby regions. Many people spend a large amount of money on their vehicles, it makes perfect sense to maintain them on a regular basis in order to keep them in outstanding condition. Living on the Gold Coast, although lovely, may cause harm to your car because it is exposed to the elements all day, every day. There are a few things you may do to help your vehicle’s corrosion and damage. Car maintenance and protection should be done on a regular basis, by using Pulse Car Cleaning you can book a regular wash which may help keep the paintwork in good condition by removing the sea salt spray and help prevent rusting. Included services are, clean wheels arches and tyre shine, our operator’s hand wash and microfibre dry your vehicle, and exterior windows cleaned.

In and Out

The In and Out Service is intended for frequent Pulse Car Cleaning customers who maintain a well-maintained vehicle inside & out. Regular car cleaning maintains the inside and exterior of the vehicle’s durability, as well as its ability to retain its worth, by removing elements which can cause damage if left on your vehicle. Pulse Car Cleaning would always advise that you get your car cleaned on a regular basis.  We will be able to schedule your car cleaning at the intervals of your choice (monthly, fortnightly, or weekly), as well as send you reminders when your service is scheduled. With our operators coming to your home or office, you can simply set and forget about it. Services provided for an In and Out Pulse Service include – Clean wheels, arches and tyres, Hand wash and microfibre dry, Tyre shine, inside rubbish removed, Vacuum carpets and seats, Vacuum boot, Interior & exterior windows cleaned, Deodorise.

Pulse Mini Detail Includes

The most popular service we provide! Pulse Mini Detail Clean wheels, arches and tyres, Hand wash and microfibre dry, Tyre shine, inside rubbish removed, Vacuum carpets and seats, Vacuum boot, Interior & exterior windows cleaned, Deodorise, remove bug splatter from the outside of your vehicle and stain removal on seats and carpeted areas. When you need your vehicle cleaned, it is not always necessary to perform a comprehensive all-over detail, which is where our mini detail comes in handy. Detailing that is both fast and professional, and that is focused on both the inside and outside of your vehicle. If you’re short on time, want a quick clean or want to schedule a routine maintenance wash, our mini pulse detail is the right solution. A fantastic budget-friendly solution, our mini detail is also a wonderful present idea for a family member or a friend.

Full Detail

If you’re searching for Full Detail to prepare your vehicle for a particular occasion, for sale, or want your car to feel look and smell like a brand-new car, this is the service you are looking for. Detailing, as opposed to vehicle washing, not only maintains a car clean, but also preserves the paint and interior of your car, making it less susceptible to damage from the weather and from normal usage. Detailing is vital because it helps to prolong the life of a car and keep its resale value at its highest possible level.

Customers who have returned from camping trips, who take their dogs in the car or who have children who like to make a big mess need our Pulse Full Detail Service. Clean wheels, arches and tyres, Hand wash and microfibre dry, Exterior windows cleaned, Tyre shine Inside rubbish removed, Vacuum carpets and seats, Exterior plastic trims cleaned, Vacuum boot Interior & exterior windows cleaned, Deodorise, Removal of bugs & tar, Removal of interior stains High gloss hand polish, Engine bay clean

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