Fun in the sun! Jet Ski’s are as Aussie as sinkin’ a few beers at a BBQ and are easily just as much fun. However, we’ve discovered that most people’s Jet Ski’s aren’t nearly as well-loved as they should be.

As high-end Detailers, we clean, detail and protect all manner of marine craft including PWC’s. Often a mix of gelcoat and plastic substrates and different paint systems to match, these vessel’s require specialised treatment when it comes to efficient maintennace.

Does your H2O Crotch Rocket look dull and scratched up? Don’t stress. Our world-class paint correction and ceramic protection services will restore it to showroom standard and ensure that salt, sand and dust are repelled for years to come.


Selling Your Jet ski?
With thousands of pre-loved Jet Ski’s flooding the market each year, it often takes month’s for a rider to sell their Ski. That is of course if she looks a little worse for wear. Ask one of our PRO’s about a pre-sale Jet Ski detail to ensure that your Jet Ski looks the best and sells the quickest.

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