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Messy children and your car

From vegemite smears, to… oh that’s not vegemite. Do not stress, here at Pulse Car Cleaning, we have seen it all. We can imagine you are quite time restricted, with those cherubs causing chaos?

Give Pulse Car Cleaning a call today. We’ll sort out a time that suits you, and have your vehicle in schmick conditions again in no time!

Brace for the inevitable, spills and mess are just a part of the works with kids! You won’t always have time to clean, but here are some tips to make things just that little bit more easier on your load:

  • Keep rubbish bags in the glove box, make your kids clean up after themselves at the end of the drive.
  • Baby wipes / Dettol wipes / biodegradable non-toxic wipes before their sticky hands touch EVERYTHING.
  • Spare towels in the boot. Use them to clean up bigger messes or after a beach trip to protect seating / dry wet kids.
  • Invest in some good quality floor mats. This will make it easier to vacuum, remove and clean. They will also help protect your cars interior from clay, mud, sad and mess in general.
  • Find an old bed sheet at an op shop and use it to protect your cars seating. A fitted bed sheet works great in the boot, for collecting all that sand from a beach trop.
  • There are also many car seat covers online for reasonable pricing if you absolutely need / want to keep your car clean.

Know how sever the mess is at the time. Crumbs, chips and other dry food can wait until later to clean; other liquid or sticky substances should be attended to straight away.

Here’s a handy DIY Carpet Freshener for your car, to keep your carpet smelling clean and pleasant at all times:


2 Cups of Baking Soda
10-20 Drops of an Essential Oil of your choosing

Add ingredients to a shaker (A protein shaker cup will do!).
Let the mixture sit for 24 hours (This allows the essential oils to absorb into the Baking Soda).
Pour mixture into a large salt shaker and sprinkle on car carpets as needed.
Leave the mixture to sit for 15-20 minutes and the vacuum.

Our Pulse Car Cleaning Operators are available 7 days a week to come to you in your home or office to assist with all your car cleaning needs. If you’re in need of a quick wash, or a deep clean, we are here to help! Enquire with Pulse Car Cleaning today!

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