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Mistakes made when washing your car

Washing your car properly and thoroughly can take quite some time. We’ve asked our experts at Pulse Car Cleaning, to tell us 6 common mistakes we make when cleaning our cars – so if you did happen to have a sunny weekend free, you would be able to make the most of your time cleaning your car!

1. Washing cars in the heat.
Speaking of sunny weekends… it might sound like a nice idea in theory, but the heat will dry your car too quickly making water spots dry which then collect dust and pretty much counteract all your hard work.

2. Cleaning from bottom to top.
It’s a common mistake, and an easy one, to wash hand height work around and then finish at the top- but this leaves your car streaky and unevenly clean. Washing from the top to bottom ensures dirty water follows one direction and clean follows through! It’s also a great way to prevent scratching your car.

3. Missed the Tires?
Then sorry, you haven’t cleaned your car! The tires are usually the dirtiest part of your car, don’t forget to spray them out.

4. Not using enough water.
You’ll need to at least three big buckets of water whilst cleaning your car. Lack of sufficient water will risk scratches occurring externally from collected dirt. Similarly, a good rinse will remove any excess soap residue.

5. Don’t miss the small things.
Many will miss their antennas or neglect its cup holders. These small things make a difference. Newer vehicles antennas retract into the car, dragging dirt into its interior. The best way to prevent this is to use paper wax, providing the antenna with a protective coating. Do this every couple of months to maintain its ability to repel grime. While you’re cleaning the rest of your car- put the cup holders in the dishwasher (or soak in warm, soapy water), as you will find they hold two things – drinks… and build up dust / dirt.

After reading our quick guide, you may have decided cleaning your car just isn’t for you! That’s ok, we have Pulse Car Cleaning Operators ready to provide car cleaning services with attention to detail, and a spotless shine every time! Enquire today with Pulse Car Cleaning!

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