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The importance of car cleaning, after taking your car off road

Holidays are the time for family and car trips, the beach, snags and adventures. And with so many long weekends recently, this is the season for fun and relaxation. The downside to so many holidays though, is the wear and tear that can occur, particularly on the family car during a holiday trip.

If you are someone who enjoys 4WDing, especially at the beach, then you need to keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sand and salt can result in rust on or in your car. Even if you wash your car at home on a regular basis, missing problem areas could result in major issues down the line. For example, the underbody of your vehicle has nooks and crannies that can collect debris and moisture. Car owners can often neglect their engine bay too, which is an issue because fallen leaves quite often get stuck under the hood and then begin to rot.

In order to avoid costly damage to the body of your car, book in for a professional car detail with Pulse Mobile Car Cleaning. It is best practice to have your vehicle detailed after any time spent in or around salty water, but who has time for that when you’re tired after a long trip?

That’s why you should call Pulse Mobile Car Cleaning on 1300 697 857 and speak with an operator. They can set up a scheduled car clean, to remove any stress of having to organise future appointments.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you. With Pulse Mobile Car Cleaning, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to receive exceptional service and car care. So you can play off road with no worries about rust or pesky grains of sand finding their way into your car’s interior carpet and upholstery.

Pulse Mobile Car Cleaning can also give your interior some TLC, leaving everything fresh and sand-free! Call today and say goodbye to avoidable rust.

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