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The Trouble with Automatic Car Washes

How convenient are automatic car washes?

You drive through and sit there while the work is done for you, and there’s nothing quite like the child-like wonder you feel when the soap gets sprayed on the windscreen. But did you know that automatic car washes can damage the clear coat on your car, which can lead to oxidation of the coat, corrosion and then eventually rust?

This is largely due to the harsh chemicals that auto car washes use, which is great for tar and bugs, but bad for the clear coating that protects your paint.

And no matter how efficient the auto car wash’s dryers may be, your car unavoidably ends up with water spots (typically due to the minerals in the water). This seems to be a step backwards when considering that you’re wishing for and paying for a clean car.

There is another way to achieve a conveniently clean car, with high-quality products and zero water spots. Pulse Car Cleaning are a team of well-trained professionals, who take the time and effort to deliver a crisp and clean car. Call Pulse Car Cleaning today on 1300 697 857 to schedule a mobile detail at your home or office and trust that Pulse Car Cleaning will take the hassle out of automotive care.

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