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Using your car for Rides Share and staying safe with COVID-19

As we know, COVID-19 is not a virus to mess with. There are many precautions to take in reducing the chances of spread and killing any virus on surfaces before spreading. Luckily in Australia we are compliant’ with regulations that help keep us safe, but here is a list of ways to keep yourself and anyone who enters your car safe.

In comparison to public transport- cars are a good way to maintain social distancing and to manage who has come and gone and what has been touched or sneezed on. If you are using ride share options to get to and from places, such as Uber, Taxi, Rydo or DiDi, then follow our tips for a safe ride below:

  • Sit in the back seat as a rider. Separate yourself from the driver to keep both parties safer.
  • Try to use a service that encourages phone/ touchless payments.
  • If you do need to give cash or touch the EFTPOS machine make sure to sanitise before and after.
  • Sanitise after using fuel pumps & tire pressure pumps, Eftpos machines and any public surface that could carry COVID.

If you are a rideshare provider, and utilizing your vehicle to help people get from one place to another, then try out our handy tips below for keeping your car clean:

 When Cleaning your Car

After each pick up – drop off: Sanitise all surfaces. Pay attention to surfaces that would be frequently touched – eg. Door handles, windows, armrests.
Check for and remove any leftover belongings or food and beverages.

End of day clean:
Avoid alcohol-based and harsh cleaning products, as they can damage your interior. Use water-based detergents with warm water.
Sanitise steering wheel, gear stick, boot latch and all door handles
To precent transmission it is important to maintain hygiene. Do not drive with others if you feel unwell with flu -like symptoms. Sanitise every time before a passenger enters and once they have left.

These daily tasks are great for hygienic cleanliness between services, but to maintain your ride share vehicle, you should be getting a fortnightly hygienic cleanliness service by a professional and reputable business who has the tools and knowhow to get to those hard to reach places. With a deep clean performed by a Pulse Car Cleaning Operator, you can rest assured that your car is being sanitised to the highest standard, to eradicate all potential virus’s that are hanging around in the fibres of your car. Give Pulse Car Cleaning a call on 1399 697 857 to discuss your options with one of our professional operators.

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